Letets Hristo Toprakchiev Secondary school is situated in Bozhurishte, a town 10 kilometres away the capital city of the country – Sofia. It provides education for 520 students, from first to twelfth grade. The teaching staff is qualified and experienced. Our teachers are motivated and innovative, they use new technologies to create classroom activities, e-lessons, educational materials and products. The teaching and learning are based on project learning and stimulating students’ work and collaboration. The school has three computer labs with 45 separate computers, a biology and a chemistry lab. For providing open classes and non formal education the school built a lab for project based learning, using the ICT.  Students and teachers use it to integrate different approaches for gaining practical  skills and competences.  The e-Twinning team and the project team are set up to provide support and assistance to the development of project orientated activities.

The school is specialized in teaching Information Technologies and English. IT education provides skills and abilities for working with various computer programmes and gives students the opportunity to develop their competences in the sphere of new technologies. It also gives the opportunity for students to integrate their IT skills in other school subjects, to participate in projects and competitions. The language teaching is based on the philosophy that foreign languages have a crucial role in all areas of life. Our students are taught to share and contribute positive attitude and ideas, cultural tolerance and social equal rights through foreign languages. 

Letets Hristo Toprakchiev Secondary school also offers opportunities for sport. The sports facilities of the school ensure the support of a school volleyball team and a cycling club. The partnership between our school and the horse riding centre in the town allows our students to train horse riding. The school provides lessons in choreography, where the students learn Bulgarian folk dances and traditions.