Ted Malatya



TED (Turkish Education Association) Malatya College in Malatya, is in the rural Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. The school campus is on the same campus as Inonu University. It is a private, secular school with students in four levels. These levels include kindergarten  (pre-primary, ages 5 and 6 years old), grades 1 to 4 (primary, ages 7 to 10 ), grades 5 to 8 (middle school, ages 11 to 14) and grades 9 to 11 (high school/secondary school, ages 15 to 17). The academic year starts around August/September and goes through late May. For the 2015-2016 school year, it has 685 students, of which, 243 are in middle school. The average class size ranges between 20-25 students. The TED schools are known for a strong English curriculum. The students get 10 hours of English a week. The middle school and secondary students are also learning German.


In this project, the scoope of work of TED Malatya College as a partner organization spans the planning, initiation, execution, monitoring and quality assessment of the project. The school is an eager and willing participant in the planning and writing of the proposal and will send the International Projects coordinator to the planning and project initiation meetings. In the implementation phase, the International Projects coordinator and the administrator will engage and encourage the appropriate teachers to implement the project activities, to select students and prepare them to go on the mobility trips, to host a mobility trip to Malatya and to provide information to the lead partner contact information needed for reports, budgets and quality assessments.