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November 2016 - Exhibition "Water in Art"

December 2016 - Water idioms in English

January 2017-LTTA Portugal 

February 2017 -Water and Tourism

March 2017-LTTA Bulgaria

April 2017 - Water and Science

Water in the human body

Water Plants and Animals

May 2017 Learning,teaching and training activity POLAND

 June 2017 Water and Refugees

Water for Refugees 

Water for Refugees

Water and refugees and how they are interlinked

 Sources of water for refugees in Bulgaria

Where and how do refugees get water?

From where the refugees receive water?

Report about emigrants and their water resources


October 2017 - Water natural recourses

Water natural resources in Bulgaria

Water natural resources in Bulgaria2

Natural water resources of Bulgaria

Underground Water

Water resources

Water resources in Bulgaria

November 2017 - Study on water usage

Use of water in the region - Ivaylo-Ivaylov

Usage of the water  - Bianka Marinova

Use of water in municipality of Bozhurishte-Gabriela Yankova

Use of water in the region-Petya Georgieva

Water in Sofia district -Michaela

Use of water in the region-Anna Georgieva

Use of water in the region-Petya Slavkova

 December 2017 - Jobs related to water and water carriers

Professions related to water

Working For Water

Water police 

Hydro Engineering profession

What is it like to be a Marine Biologist

January 2018 Writing CVs

Bianka: CV, Cover letter

Gabriela: CVCover letter

Ivaylo: CV, Cover letter

Mikaela: CVCover letter

Petya: CVCover letter

February 2018 Water Sports

Water polo

Water polo2

Water Sports

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving2

Swimming (sport)

March 2018 Learning, teaching and training activity in ITALY

April 2018 Exploration - The impact of the project

 May 2018 Water in everyday life

Use of water in Bulgaria

May 2018 Learning, teaching and training activity in Lithuania