Activity 1  September 2016 - logo

November 2016 - Exhibition "Water in Art"

December 2016 - Water idioms in English

 January 2017-LTTA Portugal 

 February 2017 -Water and Tourism

 March 2017-LTTA Bulgaria

 April 2017 - Water and Science

PortugalÁgua no eucalipto

Water in the human body

Water in the human body 2

May 2017 Learning,teaching and training activity POLAND

 June 2017 -Water and refugees




October 2017 - Water natural recourses

water resource
Portuguese rivers basins and their dry


November 2017 - Study on water usage

 December 2017 - Jobs related to water and water carriers

Curriculum Vitae_Francisco Rosado ING FR

Jaqueline Malonga Curriculum Vitae

January 2018 -Writing CVs


Professions linked to water-francisco e jaqueline

February 2018 - Water Sports

Video para Lithuania (DESPORTO LEVAR SETORA)

March 2018 Learning, teaching and training activity in ITALY

April 2018 Exploration - The impact of the project

 May 2018 Water in everyday life

The importance of water - Laura e Rafaela

May 2018 Learning, teaching and training activity in Lithuania